Alert! CHAINED FOR LIFE will be in theater 6 and NOT 9. FUGUE will be in theaters 9 and 7.

2018 Projects and Works-in-Progress


A down-and-out woman befriends a squirm of intelligent carnivorous worms, and seeks revenge on the small town officials that turned their backs on her in this poli-sci-fi horror satire that evokes BLACK MIRROR and TREMORS.


In the slums of Milford Haven, disturbed and starving vagrant Susan Chambers takes refuge in a condemned building, where she’s attacked by a giant worm! Dispatching the creature, she cooks and eats it. But ingesting the worm provides her with the memories of its previous victims, resulting in Susan becoming both a smarter and more adept citizen. Rejuvenated and refreshed, she makes contact with other worms burrowed beneath the town and encourages them to devour more people in order to increase their collective knowledge. After inventing a new identity for herself, Susan gains popularity in the local political arena as she plots revenge on the town she feels has wronged her. But as her influence over both her brood and the constituents grows, she finds her past and her future on a catastrophic collision course.

Contact: Chris Nash ([email protected]; [email protected])

Status: Development
Shooting Locations: Toronto; Northern Ontario