Alert! CHAINED FOR LIFE will be in theater 6 and NOT 9. FUGUE will be in theaters 9 and 7.

2018 Projects and Works-in-Progress


A decorated Mexican cop is called to investigate a series of bizarre infant murders, only to uncover a web of folklore that points him to the awful truth of who he really is.


Gabriel Medina, a decorated police officer and legendary in the border town of Tijuana, Mexico, is called to investigate a rash of newborn infant deaths. His legwork promptly brings him to Lulu, a young mother whose baby was taken from her, and to a rich tapestry of folklore that he soon realizes has an uncanny bearing on his investigation. As fantastic legends of green children, plastic faced men, and the corrosive figure of a long fingered monster come to life around him, Gabriel is faced with fighting corruption both in his precinct and in his past, only to realize that he has a starring role in a vast labyrinth of very old myths.

Status: Development
Shooting Locations: Tijuana, Mexico; Austin, TX