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2018 Projects and Works-in-Progress


FRONDO EDEN DEL CORAZON is a trippy mix of live action, rotoscope animation and CGI that tells the story of Diego, a man whose idyllic life is shattered when he takes home a hideous, hungry creature, that produces the key ingredient of the powerfully hallucinogenic drug he’s addicted to.


FRONDO EDEN DEL CORAZON (SPLENDOROUS GARDEN OF THE HEART) is a Uruguayan psychedelic mix of live action, rotoscope animation and CGI, that tells the story of Diego, an advertising copywriter who lives a placid life with his loving fiancée, Jacobine, who is pregnant with their first child.

One night, as he picks up a hooker off the street, Diego gets mugged. He chases his attackers into an abandoned, ramshackle building, where he stumbles upon Mamina, a disturbed derelict woman who gives him a powerful, hallucinogenic soup that sends him off on a life-altering trip.

In a bout of sincerity, he merrily confesses all of this to Jacobine, which prompts her to leave. He becomes helplessly addicted to the mysterious substance and soon finds himself losing his grip on reality and on his relationship, as he keeps returning to Mamina’s place for more, while trying to win back Jacobine’s love.

Then, he meets Mamina’s baby, Juan Manuel: a hideous, dog-sized worm, whose feces are the soup’s key ingredient. Diego murders Mamina and kidnaps and takes home the creature, in hopes that he will have unlimited access to the drug.

Throughout his murderous descent into madness, Diego will learn that a family has no room for the beast, as he finds that, in order to produce the ingredient, Juan Manuel will need to be fed.

SPLENDOROUS GARDEN OF THE HEART goes back and forth from hell to heaven, oscillating between dark humor, romance, psychedelia and horror, as a reflection on the dynamics of love and the deep fears surrounding fatherhood.

Status: Post Production