Alert! CHAINED FOR LIFE will be in theater 6 and NOT 9. FUGUE will be in theaters 9 and 7.

2018 Projects and Works-in-Progress


Havana, 1994. The Cuban community of vampires has decided to ration the human blood as a measure to counter the economic crisis in the island. Carlos, an inexperienced vampire, must stop the killing started by the fearful Max in his insatiable bloodlust.


Havana in 1994. After the fall of the Soviet Union, Cuba is bleeding in its worst economic crisis. There is no food in the country. Cubans are undernourished and their blood is sick. “Good blood” is scarce and the small vampire community in the island has just one option: to establish a strict rationing. Carlos, 18 years old, mulatto, is a pampered vampire. He lives with his grandmother Centa and his mother Vivian, two vampires that only want the kid to learn human manners and behavior, so he will not turn into a bloodthirsty monster. But Carlos has a problem: he is unable to contain his hunger. As soon as the new law on equitable food distribution is passed, someone starts to wipe out vampires; Max, a vampire in his fifties who has developed a voracious appetite, is guilty of this. He wants all Cuban blood just for him and will not stop until he does away with the last bloodsuckers competing with him. The elders in the community decide to send Carlos, the youngest of all them, to stop Max. This is how Carlos will find the chance to prove his worth and do something for his people. Learning the rules of this new life, Carlos will fight to remain as human as possible, fighting between the good and the bad he carries within himself.

Status: Development
Shooting Locations: Havana