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2018 Projects and Works-in-Progress


Hurt is a supernatural thriller about an Iraq war veteran who can’t feel pain and the woman who helps him hurt again.


HURT is the story of Gabe Soto (25) a young soldier returning from the war in Iraq, who reconnects with his childhood friend, Scarlet Cruz (25). When they were 7 years old, they would play sorcery in Marlon (their superintendents’) back yard. But Gabe’s mom was killed by a drunk driver, and he was sent to live in foster care. They haven’t seen each other since. When Gabe finds Scarlet, she is getting jumped by some thugs. He quickly comes to her aid, but ends up getting stabbed in the hand. Unfazed, he removes the knife, and tells Scarlet he hasn’t felt pain since he was a kid. Scarlet is now a DA working on a series of mysterious murders. In each case, someone close to the victim has already admitted to killing their loved one, suddenly and without motive. The one clue suggesting that the murders are somehow connected is that every crime scene has the words “There is only pain” written in blood. Gabe offers to help Scarlet solve her mystery, but first he needs to find the man responsible for his mother’s death. As they each get closer to reaching their goal, Gabe learns to feel again . . . but at what cost?

Status: Development
Shooting Locations: Los Angeles, CA: could easily be changed to any major city in Texas