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2018 Projects and Works-in-Progress


A documentary about cult terror film director Jairo Pinilla, in his attempt to finance and produce his last dream project he has been working on for six years, THE SPIRIT OF DEATH, the first 3D horror film made in Colombia.


Jairo Pinilla is the most beloved purveyor of B-horror movies in Latin America. At the peak of his career, Jairo vanished mysteriously. Many legends were woven around his disappearance; some said he was driving a taxi, others swore he was living in Venezuela, and still others were sure he was dead. Now, after twenty years without filming, Jairo will shoot his last movie: THE SHADOW OF DEATH, the first terror film in Colombia to be shot in 3D. Throughout the production process, we will see how his dream converts his life into a living hell.

Contact: Simón Hernández ([email protected]), Ivette Liang ([email protected])


Status: Pre-Production
Shooting Locations: Bogotá, Colombia