Fantastic Fest and Fandango present: COMING AT YA! 3D

Now that 3D is back, seemingly to stay, we return to the great 3D Boom of the '80s and the film that started the whole ball rolling, COMIN' AT YA!, now presented in a state of the art digital restoration. This is the 3D movie that does exactly what you want a 3D movie to do. It hits you with a ludicrous barrage of flying fists, flaming arrows, boobs, and everything else you can imagine - including a truly unforgettable 3D baby diaper changing scene. There's a contagious spirit of pure fun at work and when the film is over you'll want to get back in line and watch it all over again.

Though it came at the tail end of the spaghetti western cycle, COMIN' AT YA! showcases the work of two of the leading lights in Italian westerns, Ferdinando Baldi and Tony Anthony. Baldi was a 30 year veteran of the Italian film industry and had produced credible serious westerns like TEXAS ADDIO, but he really found his true calling when he began working with American writer/ producer/actor Tony Anthony. The two came to specialize in humorous westerns that were as much Chuck Jones as Sergio Leone. In the wake of the spectacularly popular TRINITY films, Baldi and Anthony brought a sophisticated sense of film time and a mastery of screen gags that set them apart - Anthony in particular knows how to play it with just the right amount of seriousness. COMIN' AT YA! is particularly imaginative - their gags were given more room to roam with the addition of a third dimension. It's pure entertainment, which is exactly what Anthony and Baldi intended. And now the film looks better than they could have ever imagined with a stunning digital restoration. It's brighter, sharper and clearer than ever, so every 3D gag is seen in crystal clarity.

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