The Fantastic Corpse - Short Film

The Fantastic Corpse is a short film project based on the exquisite corpse collaborative method. Dell Precision and AMD are working with creative content company Arts+Labor to bring five Fantastic Fest filmmakers together to create one short film, each filming an equal part, and continuing each others segment.

The first director (Oren Carmi, GOLDBERG AND EISENBERG) created the first minute, and then passed on to the next filmmaker (Nacho Vigalondo, TIMECRIMES). When the third filmmaker tagged in (Jim Byrkit, COHERENCE), he was only allowed to watch what Nacho had created before making his segment. The fourth filmmaker (Matt Johnson, THE DIRTIES) could only see what the third filmmaker shot, and so on until Eugenio Mira (GRAND PIANO) completed the Fantastic Corpse. It was screened at the Fantastic Fest Awards Ceremony, a mere 5 days after it began.

This is the story of the making of that incredible feat, powered by Dell Precision Workstations and AMD FirePro Technology. The film was produced and edited on high-end Dell Precision T5610 and T7610 tower workstations powered by AMD FirePro™ W5000 and W8000 professional graphics, respectively, and M6800 mobile workstations equipped with AMD FirePro M5100. The systems will be paired with Dell UltraSharp U2413 monitors with AMD Eyefinity triple-display setups.

Director #1 Oren Carmi
Director #2 Nacho Vigalondo
Director #3 James Byrkit
Director #4 Matt Johnson
Director #5 Eugenio Mira

Creative Director - Erik Horn
Producer - Stephanie Noone

Director of Photography
Drew Daniels - segments 1 and 4
Tod Campbell - segments 2 and 3
Drew Xanthopoulos - segment 5

Assistant Director - Will Cleveland
Art Director - Michael Bayer
Art Production Assistant - Colton Batts
Hair & Make Up - Kathy Miller
1st AC - Drew Daniels, Melissa Porter
2nd AC - Melissa Porter, Stephen Huff
Gaffer - Ben Oliver
Grip - Jason Harter, Carlos Boillat, David Lackey
Location Sound Mixer - Erik Duemig
Boom Operator - Joseph Duemig
Special Effects - Hawgfly (Meredith Johns, Ana Fugate)
Post Supervisor/Editor - Joe Nicolosi
DIT - Vladyslav Alexander
Production Assistants - Kennon Talley, David Lackey, Colton Batts

Behind The Scenes
Camera Operator - Katie Graham
Camera Operator -
Sound - Landry Gideon
Still Photographer - Lauren Reynolds

Post Supervisor/Editor - Joe Nicolosi
Editor - Andrew Matthews, Bryan Poyser
Assistant Editor - Matt Young
Colorist - Joe Malina
Composer - Kevin Schneider
Sound Mix - Eric Friend

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